The New York Botanical Garden

I cannot speak more passionately about this world-class institution which excels at Horticulture, Public Education, Conservation and Science. It has the largest and most important horticultural library in the world as well as the largest horticultural education program on the planet. Its scientists work in over 18 countries around the globe on such important international issues as biodiversity conservation, habitat destruction and sustainable development …. just to name a few. The Garden will be 125 years old next year!! Besides being a gift for the mind it is also one for the eyes, heart and soul…. I find much inspiration for my design from walking through one of the historic peony or lilac gardens or by visiting the rare book room at the library. I am honored to be on the board of The New York Botanical Garden and to chair its Garden Patrons Program.

Council of Fashion Designers of America

The CFDA is a wonderful not-for-profit organization whose membership consists of America’s foremost fashion and jewelry designers. Its mission is to strengthen the impact of American fashion designers in the global economy. As an organization, it is also very active in many philanthropic endeavors such as raising funds for AIDS, breast cancer and educational initiatives. I was honored to be inducted into the CFDA early in my career. I was also thrilled to be asked to co-chair, with the wonderful Simon Alcantara, the first Jewelry Council of the CFDA which is tasked with raising the awareness of jewelry design within the organization as well as in the industry.


My friend Sally Morrison from the World Gold Council honored me by asking to do a video on my work ….. During the process she interviewed me about my true passion for gold…. I love working with this historic and noble metal. I use 18k exclusively for all of my pieces…. I love the color and feeling of it!!